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Welcome to Richard Butler Studio. In this site you will find a very wide range of different types of art. Art comes in many different types of forms. It can be in paintings, sculptures, photography or other types of media as well. This site will focus mostly on the visual aspect of art. As we continue to grow in the modern age you will see so many different types of art that is displayed either it be online or even in interactive type of art which is the new generation of art.

The most common art we will be focusing on is the art of world. So what is art? Well art is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as something that is created with your imagination. This can be from art that artists create from paintings, sculptures or any other beautiful works that we use to express ourselves.

Photography is also another one of the best expressions when it comes to art. Check out one of the best photographer that I know. His name is Chris Colman. His photography is amazing. Check out Chris Colman by checking out his website.

What of the best talks in art is TEDx. Learn what it’s like to make true art from the heart. In the video below Victor Hugo Zayas talks about how kids enjoy making art. He talks about introducing creativity for children at an early age.


Below you will find some examples of fine art from all around the world. You will see that art can come in so many shapes and colors. Art is so subject, so it can be beautiful for one person or it can be a horrible for another type of person. But no matter what the subject matter of art is the passion that one spends on it to make something great can go a very long way. It’s something there here at Richard Butler Studio really appreciate when it comes to the love of art.

So let’s talk about some of the reasons “Why Art?”

  • Art is a subject matter that can speak to anyone. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in or even the type of language that you speak. If you see a piece of art that you like you can say yay or nay.
  • It gives you the opportunity to express yourself. If gives you the chance to bring your inner world to the outer world.
  • It will help give you the freedom of independence and also the ability to collaborate with other artist.
  • Art makes it possible for you to show your personal strengths within you and bridge the understanding of difficult abstraction through your creativity.
  • It will help you be able to use your right side of your brain so you can enhance different part of your brain that can cause the synapses to help you improve critical thinking, creative thinking and also help improve social skills.
  • It helps provide people with the ability for self-expression as well as help with analytical, and evaluation skills.

When it comes to art one of the most beautiful processes that are used is in the area of paintings. Check out the creative commons section of paintings that are used in this website and see for yourself the expressions and love that artist put into their pieces.

So what exactly is a painting?


Leonardo da Vinci [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons”,_by_Leonardo_da_Vinci,_from_C2RMF_retouched.jpg

A painting in Wikipedia is defined as the practice applying a particular medium on a particular surface. The mostly commonly used forms of mediums is the practice of using a brush, sponges or even in some instances that practice of using knives.

So why would we use paint as a medium when trying to explore our creative side? You can have any choice of mediums like a digital medium or even Photoshop when you want to paint. But, the true classic and organic way for self expression is through the use of paint. Painting has been around for some 20,000 years and during the time when early humans created painting from charcoal, minerals and even different types of powders to creative images on the wall.

There are many artist out there who prefer the classic organic way of creative are through painting because it gives them a feel of being able to connect with whatever they are creating. Often times their imagination with the use of colors, shapes and lines to create a certain type of mood and feeling can truly be expressed in each brush stroke that a painter uses in his or her work.

As you can see paintings can be created with the perspective of creative a 3 dimensional space on a flat surface. The discovery of perspective in painting was created by two Italian painters. The first of the tow is Leon Battista Alberti and Filippo Brunelleschi. The two famous painters creative perspective painting by using a mathematical system and hundreds if not thousands of hours of experimenting to creative a certain look that gives the viewer a perspective that looks like it has dimension from within.

Regardless if the paintings that you love and are created by oil, water colors, pencil, pen or even air brush the results of a painter can leave many breathless. The time and effort and creativity that is put forth in ones paintings can take a person to a world they have never been to before. It is what we called taking a person into ones mental mind by letting them see from art the creativity and expression that one puts out from within.

Here at Richard Butler Studio we want to thank you for visiting our site and checking out our collection of creative common paintings from across the globe. If you have a passion for art. We invite you to contact us or even submit some of your own painting, so we can display your art to the world on our website. Check-out our paintings.

Thank you,

Richard Butler Studio